3rd Call for Registration:Social Work Response to Crisis, Trauma and Disaster

Dear Sir/Madam,
We would like to cordially invite you to attend:
The 5th International Conference on Master of Social Work (MSW) Program Development 2014 
Social Work Response to Crisis, Trauma and Disaster:
Implications on Curriculum Design for Social Service Administration
 17-19 July 2014
The mission of the social work profession is keenly to respond to society’s needs and to explore new service models, bearing in mind at the same time of the stable development and construction of the organization system. In response to the changes in the form of social work service organization, social work management ideals and methodology have tended to diversify and complicate. Together with the worsening of global ecological environment and the escalation of conflict in human society, social service faces bigger and inevitable challenges. We need to upgrade our knowledge of changes and risk in the environment, and learn to more effectively integrate and utilize resources and information, strengthening the service decision-making, planning, organizing, supervision, evaluating and innovating activities of the profession under both normal and emergency situations.
The titled conference has invited speakers from United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to share in the form of plenary sessions and study workshops to introduce the organizing background and theoretical concepts of the social service administration course and relevant social work education programme settings and training materials. The conference details are as followed:

I. Time:    17-19 July 2014

II. Venue:   

Sichuan University-Hong Kong Polytechnic University Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction (IDMR), Sichuan University Jiang’an Campus, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

I. Organizer:

· China Association of Social Work Education

· Peking U- HK Polytechnic U China Social Work Research Centre

· Sichuan U-HK Polytechnic U Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction


· International Association of Schools of Social Work

· Department of Applied Social Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

· Department of Sociology, Peking University


· The Keswick Foundation (Hong Kong)

· Si Yuan Foundation (Hong Kong)

· ZeShan Foundation (Hong Kong)

I. Target:200 participants

· Scholars from Europe, US, ASEAN, China PRC, Hong Kong and Taiwan;

· Social Work educators from the total 100 universities offering MSW programme;

· Social Work educators and teachers from ASEAN

· Officials of Civil Affairs and Community, tertiary institutes and NGOs partners

V.   Conference Agenda and Workshops’ Arrangement: 
The first day will be a theme conference on July 17. Four workshops are assigned on July 18 and the rerun will be on July 19 so that participants can choose two workshops in the whole conference. (Language: Simultaneous interpretation services of English and Chinese will be provided.)

I. Workshop Title           Trauma Response and Crisis Intervention

Trainer(s)                       Rutgers University, U.S.—Dr. Patricia Findley, and
Mr. Andy Germak, Executive Director

1. Foundations and Models of Crisis Intervention, and the Effects of Trauma across the Developmental Spectrum

2. Self-Care for Clinicians Treating Trauma

3. Individual, Family and Group Treatment Approaches in Working with Trauma

I. Workshop Title           Community risk reduction and sustainable development Trainer(s) Manchester University, U.K.—Dr. Bernard Manyena;

Red Cross Society of China, HKSAR Branch—Mr. Fang Xiangyang


1. Disaster Risk Reduction overview and Disaster Studies Curriculum

2. introduction to Community-based risk reduction project

3. Community Assessment Tool – The Fragility & Ability Assessment

I. Workshop Title           Art Therapy and Psycho-social trauma support

                Trainers                          IsraAID, Asia—Mr. Yotam Polizer, and
College of Arts and Society, Netanya—Ms. Yehudit Abrahamov

1. Communicate with a supportive group which allows each member can look inside himself and better understand their own feelings; and learn the feedback through designated activities from the group members

2. Allow for the social learning and play new roles in a “Lab Setting”

3. Work best with a population that is like-minded and strength for the improvement of the individual

I. Workshop Title    Social Work Supervision

Trainer(s)                    MCA National Training Base for Professional Social Workers, Sichuan University—HK Polytechnic University Institute of Disaster Management and Reconstruction, Professor Guo Hong, and
Begonia Foundation, Taiwan—Dr. Lu Wan Ping

1. Introduce "Sichuan Alliance Social Work Empowerment Center & Social Work Professional Supervision"

2. Introduction to "program design and evaluation" and "social work supervision" with demonstration exercise

3. Assessment, monitoring and review of the program and project

VI.   Conference Arrangement: 
Registration Fee/ Training Fee: RMB 600

· The fee will include the 3 days’ conference and workshops with the lunch provided.

· For the overseas participants, there will have a half-day field visit on July 20, 2014 if the weather conditions are favorable. The theme is Rebuilding & Resilience of Disaster Affected Community. Please show your interest in the Registration Form. Further information shall be provided on the registration confirmation.

· Fee will be waived for students who attend 17 July Conference ONLY.  (Lunch will not be provided). Registration on or before 10 July is required and confirmation will be sending out via email.

VII.        Conference Designated Accommodation:
Haoanyi Hotel, 185 Changcheng Road, Air Harbour, Shuangliu Chengdu, Sichuan (Room rate: RMB 208 per night for single or standard room). Shuttle bus shall be arranged between the conference venue and the designated hotel – Haoanyi Hotel.
For hotel reservation: Please kindly direct your email to Ms. Chen of Haoanyi Hotel, 2892198497@qq.com. To facilitate the reservation, please kindly specify the title of your email as “The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, July Conference on 7.17-19”.
VIII.      Supplementary notes for the “ASEAN participants”:
The organizer will have a lump-sum trip allowance of USD400 for subsidizing the cost of accommodation, transportation, meal, etc. to the participants from ASEAN* who complete the conference. (Note: the bank draft will be in USD currency and the participants will have to manage the bank draft in their own countries.) Allowance will be limited to 20 appropriate participants, and priority will be given to social work educators.
*ASEAN countries include Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma (Myanmar), Laos, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines and East Timor.
For registration, would you complete the registration form, and email to
idmr@scu.edu.cn by 1700 on 10 July 2014.
Our conference secretary will contact you to confirm your registration to arrange your visa application that may require, flight bookings, accommodation and the logistic of field visits (tentatively on 20 July if the weather condition is favorable). If you have any inquiries, please feel free to email to idmr@scu.edu.cn  or  chinaswrc@163.com , or call 86-10-62757232.
We are looking forward to your participation.
Best wishes,
China Association of Social Work Education
Peking U- HK Polytechnic U China Social Work Research Centre
Sichuan U-HK Polytechnic U Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction
20 June 2014