With the release of the new LOGO, 58 no longer claim to be embarrassed Group 58 fair, and take this opportunity to officially renamed 58 58 Group, announced a comprehensive upgrade in brand strategy, product strategy and platform strategy in three aspects.

58 city public relations, general manager of brand Chen Jianning told the media: "This is not a simple graphic change little things, but one major company decisions that will change over the past decade our cognitive inertia, for example, you would think 58. equal to 58 city, so from now on, 58 is equal to 'more'. "

Clearly, the 58 Group no longer satisfied with merely doing a classification of information in the field of Big Brother. As early as November 2015, YaoJinBo in an interview, Tiger olfactory statement said, "I hope to become affordable for everyone 58 reliable life service platform, whether it is the current volume of users, the income scale, the user's experience, and there is a great vision gap."

Yao Jinbo said 58 go to the market after the merger, "the greatest feeling is that both sides do not have the cut-throat competition, market launch, marketing, advertising rational, they would have more energy to look at venture vertical areas." Over the past year, 58 city publicly announced the investment will be close to 10 cases, and are concentrated in the service O2O field.