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Corresponds to the cost of the quality, the higher cost of inputs also mean higher quality films appear. Iqiyi invest more in this area will cost, high-quality network began to make some big movie. Iqiyi network film development center with a number of domestic and foreign companies signed team director to make some high-quality, high input network big movie. "Yang Xianghua believe cost increase is to improve the quality of the premise, called a sub-price goods. Not long ago, in an interview with a media interview, Yang Xianghua had introduced large network costs, the production costs of the 2014 movie Network Movie mostly below $ 500,000, 2015 is between 50 million to 80 million, 1 million yuan proportion accounted for 20%. Low-cost "constraints" will inevitably make speculative investors and creators to limelight - this is the previous "big network" vulgar content of the important reasons.

Yang Xianghua at the scene also Iqiyi overwhelmed Next big movie production network to do a lot to explain, not to "compete with the people," but rather hoping to give users a whole new perception for large networks, and thus improve the user for the "big net" evaluation and expectations, "let the user know that the network really big movie theaters with movie quality, as a professional director, professional team to do, as a professional movie actor played." soon ago by iQIYI produced, Jing, Liu Yiwei Producer and guest star of the "thought leader" on the line, or can be seen as the official opening iQIYI "big network" quality upgrading strategy.

Simply put, you want the content iQIYI values fall, we intend to use the high-quality products and significant remodeling recommend "big network" the quality of the bottom line.

According iQIYI estimates, in 2016, it is expected to exceed 20% of the large network of over one million film investment, and investment reached 5-10 million Internet Movie will also appear in this year, which split over one million videos or the number of more than 200, an increase of nearly 6 times higher than in 2015, the 2017 data may exceed 500. Profit - a virtuous circle expanded reproduction, once established, together with the platform side progressive increase barriers to entry (quality baseline), give the market a clear signal - Low sheet with speculation living space will become smaller and smaller.

Beam-hwan: do three things, a large network is not far from Jingshizhizuo


Of course, to improve the "big net" content quality multi-channel also need to work together on the reverse, in particular the concept creators, methods and skills to change, "Thai embarrassing" screenwriter beam Hwan Netbig summit site gave a large network creator supporting a number of strokes.