Our Partners

The Centre is thankful to various foundations for their support to make the Centre develop proficiently. Since the establishment, the areas of work and researches supported by the foundations are as the following (in alphabetical order):
Keswick Foundation – Social Work Education, Theory and Practice Research
The support by Keswick Foundation has been significant. The firstly launch Master of Social Work (China) programme has equipped educators and practitioners to lead and spearhead the development of social work education and practice in China. With Keswick Foundation’s continuous support, the Centre persists to develop indigenous social work approaches which are culturally sensitive and grounded on practice.  The main themes of the studies and researches comprise the theory and practice on social work education; children, youth and family; rural social work; migrant workers; and some current issues, such as social enterprise, solidarity economy, mental health, etc.
Lam Woo Social Work Fund – Training, Visit and Awards
The Lam Woo Social Work Training and Development Fund was set up to meet the growing demands of social work training in China. With this Fund, the Centre holds national conferences; overseas exchange programmes and provides incentives for professional development through the establishment of awards and scholarships.
Li & Fung China Social Policy Research Fund
With generous support from the Victor & William Fung Foundation, the Li & Fung China Social Policy Research Fund was established to foster social development and social harmony in China. The Fund supports the Centre to develop as a major policy research hub linking up scholars from Hong Kong, overseas and the Mainland. Through training workshops and projects, the Centre consolidates and advances social policy research purposely to make impact on social policy formulation and social systems change.
Sishan Fund – Academic Research and International Collaboration
Siyuan Foundation and Zeshan Foundation are foundations in Hong Kong and have been supporting various educational programmes in HK and Mainland. To facilitate the academic development of social work programme of Peking University, Sishan Fund was formed to mobilize the social work education, academic research, visiting scholars, and international collaborations activities.